About Compostables

Sustianable Living Group's (SLG) Mission

Our Mission is to educate the local community about the possible uses and the benefits of sustainable living practices, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.

To promote and network with the area businesses that are promoting the idea of sustainability, renewable energy, conservation, and energy efficiency.

We believe that achieving our mission will help boost economic development, improve public health, and reduce overall waste and pollution.

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Using compostable containers to achieve our mission

The reason Sustainable Living Group (SLG) is selling compostable containers to the local community is to provide education to consumers about the benefits of using compostable containers versus foam or other products. We are selling these containers at a competitive price so all restaurants can afford to do something good for the earth and educate their customers about being more sustainable.

The benefits of using compostable containers are:

  • Use less energy and water to manufacture
  • Cause less pollution overall than petroleum-based products
  • Come from renewable resources and waste materials
  • Contribute less waste to landfills

To learn more about these products please visit the World Centric's website